The Cock and the Clock

Once a cock, now a clock

and always the sun.

Dragged back into consciousness

Fight off the sleepiness.

A frightful sound stalking like a hound.

Bark, bark…beep beep…Please! Just one more minute of sleep!

Whatever the sound be,

It brings one to their knee.

But why must it be a symbol of hate?

When all it does is open the gate.

A new day has broken,

the sun rises, a golden token.

The earth… awaken!

Fear not the cock or clock.

Fear not the bark or the beep.

Rise from your sleep,

the world is yours to take, forever to keep!


November, November

November, a time of transition. As the earth cools, the leaves change and fall. Winter comes to fruition.

Rain turns to snow as a white blanket falls upon the earth. Casually caressing the land with its frigid glow.

As the earth experiences change, we too participate in transformation. Growing stronger, growing smarter, with each and every exchange.

We become in tune with the earth. Using her gift to add flame to the hearth.

A warm light floods the space as sensation returns to my face.

The ice begins to crack, the sun melts the snow. Quenching the thirst of the earth, and each and every crow.

Buds begin to bloom, a rich color sweeps over the earth almost like a broom.

The change has gradually become complete. Gathering my senses, I calmly climb to my feet.

The sun scalds my eyes, as a slow burn returns to my thighs.

The winter has come to an end and November has given me a new friend.

Another year of evolution, a step closer to the end solution.

Never to forget, but always to remember.


A Man Moved Away Today

A man moved away today.

Not just any man, a very special man.

A son moved away today.

A son who was loyal to his mother and father.

A brother moved away today.

A brother who learned from and loved his siblings.

A friend moved away today.

A friend that made everyone feel welcome, even the stranger.

A lover moved away today.

A lover whose tenderness can never be replaced.

My best friend moved away today.

A best friend who’s place I’d rather take.

Where he’s moved, I am not sure.

Why he’s gone, I’ll never know.

In the meantime, I’ll wait.

And love him like he’s never gone.