Through Ancient Playgrounds

Beaten paths with glossy roots.

These trails, they’ve seen many boots.

Sunny glades with shady spots.

Running through them, a rush of many thoughts.

Bathing lizards and singing birds.

Other people? There are no herds.

Merely stillness and solitude.

Filled with nothing, but gratitude.


The Visitor

Glaring at me, like sun after sleep

Was an eye.

The pupil, dark as night and the outline,

A golden glowing white.

Never before had I seen such a vision.

I heard myself pleading, ‘please don’t go away… please don’t go away’

As if I knew its visit was impermanent.

Slowly my visitor began to dissolve,

My eyes fluttered as if to preserve its beauty.

But like everything in this world,

Its existence was merely temporary.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The earth stood still today,

When we heard of your fall.

You were a son to some, and a friend to all.

Your smile and your laughter

Filled each room to the rafter.

Not a day went by

Without giving your best try,

but now all that’s left is the temptation to cry.

To mourn or to celebrate?

I think you’d choose the latter,

and crack a beer to commemorate.

A life full of love.

A man we were all truly in awe of.