As the sun sets, a new day begins.

Where it goes and whom receives its shine;

that is not a matter of mine.


It’s darker now and colder too.

Moon and stars provide their light;

I feel you shiver and hold you tight.


Old day for us and new day for them.

Waking up, breathing deep;

lay down now and rest your head for sleep.




Through Ancient Playgrounds

Beaten paths with glossy roots.

These trails, they’ve seen many boots.

Sunny glades with shady spots.

Running through them, a rush of many thoughts.

Bathing lizards and singing birds.

Other people? There are no herds.

Merely stillness and solitude.

Filled with nothing, but gratitude.

About Me

When I think about trying to describe myself to other people, I feel as if making a list would be the easiest option. Then again, subsuming my entirety into a single list is kind of sad. However, for the purposes of this blog, I am going to do it anyway.

If you feel as if this list cannot possibly do me justice (I hope?!) then feel free to reach out and get to know me better. Alright, here it goes:

1.) Currently living in the heartland of Illinois, surrounded by soy beans and corn fields.

2.) Originally from Pasadena, CA. However my heart resides in Colorado (sorry mom).

3.) Emphatically in love with skiing, soccer, rock climbing, cycling and most other high-speed, dangerous activities.

4.) Academically interested in: environmental sociology, food, agriculture, Peru, biopolitics, risk sociology, indigeneity….the list goes on.

5.) Vegan, except for pizza.

6.) Word play and poetry are intellectual hobbies of mine and part of the inspiration behind this blog.

7.) Practicer of slow flow, yin style, restorative yoga and meditation.

8.) My next adventure will be as a Youth Development Facilitator for Peace Corps, Peru. Departure is set for August 15th, 2017.

9.) YMCA ‘lifer’ and youth programming guru.

10.) Grateful son of Big Ted and Suzanne.; if you don’t know them, get to know them. Also little brother to Danielle, even though I’m bigger.