The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The earth stood still today,

When we heard of your fall.

You were a son to some, and a friend to all.

Your smile and your laughter

Filled each room to the rafter.

Not a day went by

Without giving your best try,

but now all that’s left is the temptation to cry.

To mourn or to celebrate?

I think you’d choose the latter,

and crack a beer to commemorate.

A life full of love.

A man we were all truly in awe of.








A Man Moved Away Today

A man moved away today.

Not just any man, a very special man.

A son moved away today.

A son who was loyal to his mother and father.

A brother moved away today.

A brother who learned from and loved his siblings.

A friend moved away today.

A friend that made everyone feel welcome, even the stranger.

A lover moved away today.

A lover whose tenderness can never be replaced.

My best friend moved away today.

A best friend who’s place I’d rather take.

Where he’s moved, I am not sure.

Why he’s gone, I’ll never know.

In the meantime, I’ll wait.

And love him like he’s never gone.