Watch the Earth Turn

Eyes to the sky I watch the clouds revolve.

Feet on the ground I seek to evolve.

With each passing turn I feel a greater burn.

My place in this world makes my stomach churn.

Feeling uneasy, feeling queasy,

How I deal with this is not easy.

The earth can’t stop, won’t stop.

You can clean up these emotions with a mop.

Having expelled this sickness,

I look to recover with quickness.

Wiping my mouth I regain my composure.

Back on the path,

In search of closure.


Earth Day 2k16

Today is a day

A day

Like all the rest

Yet, we set it aside

As if to show our pride

To whom are we trying to prove

that as one, we think we move?

The fear inside

Tells me its all just a ride

But maybe


It’s actually a look inside

Two whom are we trying to show

That as one, we go in the same flow?

Perhaps it is we

Who come from the same tree

Showing that we too can live in glee


Along with he and me

United in harmony.