As the sun sets, a new day begins.

Where it goes and whom receives its shine;

that is not a matter of mine.


It’s darker now and colder too.

Moon and stars provide their light;

I feel you shiver and hold you tight.


Old day for us and new day for them.

Waking up, breathing deep;

lay down now and rest your head for sleep.




The Cock and the Clock

Once a cock, now a clock

and always the sun.

Dragged back into consciousness

Fight off the sleepiness.

A frightful sound stalking like a hound.

Bark, bark…beep beep…Please! Just one more minute of sleep!

Whatever the sound be,

It brings one to their knee.

But why must it be a symbol of hate?

When all it does is open the gate.

A new day has broken,

the sun rises, a golden token.

The earth… awaken!

Fear not the cock or clock.

Fear not the bark or the beep.

Rise from your sleep,

the world is yours to take, forever to keep!