Institutional Review Board: A Haiku

The IRB sucks

Making your life like hell

Research will be dope


Brother from Another Mother

Brother from another mother,

Costa Rica was our foundation

But let us cruise this nation

Showing love and eliminating the other.

One from the east, the other from the west

Together with a similar quest,

To never let the flame smother.

Always searching for what the future has in store

Never settling for less, but always battling for more.

Sinclair’s Sunflower

When I think about you, my cup overflows with excitement.

Hitting the ground, my gratitude for you seeps deep into the earth.

Inundated with affection, a seed sprouts a new life.

Tickling the soil’s surface, the sun provides its warming attention.

Never too much, but instead just enough.

Elated, the seedling grows strong and blossoms bright.

Yellow and tall a sunflower takes form, providing smiles to all.

Cotton Armor

Like a knight and his chainmail,

I wear you on my chest;

Cotton armor.

You guard me not like metal or kevlar.

But with advice and loving embrace;

Look around.

I wash you not with a machine, but with my hands.

Memories shake free with each pass through your hair;

Two long lost friends.

Water flows to help wash the stain,

Mixed with nostalgia and tears;

Forever pain.

Constant Connection

Where one gaze ends, another begins.

Connected by what we see now,

and where our dreams wander.

The roads we walk are different,

And the shoes we wear we cannot share,

But the destinations of our journeys end all the same.

How we get there is up to us.

The lessons we learn are meant to be told,

and the attitudes upheld, together they meld.